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You Go Kid was established in 2015 when Denver mom Jenny Cargile expressed her frustration at not having an option to find all camps and activities for her children in one place. “Why isn’t there an app for that?” And, if you know Jenny, you know that this conversation took place at her favorite Starbucks with the usual group of parents. No one had an answer for her. So, she recruited a partner and You Go Kid slowly developed into the one-stop source you see today.

We set out to develop an app that we, as parents, craved and would want to use again and again…with helpful information about organizations in a visually appealing, easy-to-find design.

Download You Go Kid, find the perfect camp or activity….and Let Them Soar!


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Jenny Cargile

Jenny Cargile


Dynamic mother of three, Jenny Cargile turned her enthusiasm for physical fitness and the desire to see healthy, fit children into an after-school, summer and preschool kid’s health and fitness program called Movement Madness. As a small business owner, she knows the critical importance of word-of-mouth marketing, but that doesn’t always work as well as it could and found it hard to get her camps and activities discovered by new families. Jenny started the You Go Kid app as a way to help families find the right camp or activity easily all year long.

Amie Cavarra

Amie Cavarra


As a freelance marketer, the mother of two amazing kids and the wife of a workaholic, Amie Cavarra knows all too well how to fill up her kids time when they are not in school. Her kids have explored the far reaches of Denver and a variety of other places in Colorado in summer camps and other fun adventures. She hopes You Go Kid will help families find just the right activities for their kids to learn new things, meet great people, explore the outdoors, create something cool, discover the next big idea or whatever else it takes to let them soar.

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